Commercial Pilot

        Want to get paid to fly? Jumpstart your career with Crotts Aircraft intense training that includes learning commercial maneuvers in a complex aircraft. Qualified pilots are those that have at least 250 hours of flight time as a pilot and have met all the requirements of FAR - 61.129 (a) or (b). In addition to fostering career growth, this license enhances flight proficiency and can lower insurance premiums.


  - 250 Hours Total Time

         - 50 can be in a simulator

  - 100 Hours Powered Aircraft (50 in Airplanes)

  - 100 Hours PIC (50 in Airplanes)

  - 50 Hours Cross Country

  - 20 Hours of Flight Training Including

         - 10 Instrument / 10 Complex

         - 5 Single Engine Airplane

         - 2 Hour Day Cross Country / 2 Hour Night Cross Country

 - 10 Hours Solo including

       - 5 Hours Day Cross Country over 300 nm

      - 5 Hours of night with 10 takeoffs and landings at a towered airport

Instrument Rating

        Adding an instrument rating will allow you to operate an aircraft solely by reference to the flight instruments as you fly through the clouds. Our instructors use specialized training techniques to provide students a clear and concise understanding of the IFR environment. In addition to flight training, a strong emphasis is placed on learning an instrument “scan” on a desktop simulator. This allows the student to grasp the fundamentals of instrument flight on the ground before transitioning to the aircraft. Successful completion of this course requires pilot discipline and consistent scheduling.​


  - 40 Hours of Cross Country as PIC

  - 20 Hours of Actual or Simulated Flight Time including

          - 15 Hours of Flight Instruction

               - 3 Hours within 60 days of the practical test

               - IFR Cross Country of 250 nm

Flight / Instrument Instructor

Discovery Flights

        Want to share your passion for aviation with others? Earning your Certified Flight Instructor certificate will enable you to share your enthusiasm as you instruct others learning to fly. The knowledge gained in this course will prepare you to sucessfully teach both ground and flight lessons. Instructing is a great way to enhance your piloting skills while building valuable flight hours.

Private Pilot

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       Wondering if aviation is for you? Take a Discovery Flight! Before takeoff, one of our highly trained Flight Instructors will walk you through a preflight and explain the basic elements of piloting. During your 30 minute flight over Kansas, you will sit in the Captains seat and take controls during maneuvers such as turns, climbs, and descents. The Discovery Flight is a great experience for aviators of all ages. Give us a call and take to the skies today!

        If you have an interest in aviation and a desire to fly, then becoming a private pilot is the first step. Crotts Aircraft Service offers personalized training courses that fit your schedule and training goals. Our private pilot program provides both ground and flight instruction designed to help you acquire all the skills necessary to become a confident aviator. Already have previous training or experience? Complete our accelerated “finish-up” courses to earn your certificate.

Course Includes:

  - 40 Hours of Flight Time

  - 30 Hours of Flight Instruction

  - 15 Hours of Ground Instruction

  - FAA Written Examination

  - Flight Physical

  - FAA Check Ride

Note: These are the typical minimums required by the FAA. Sometimes, additional training is necessary to become proficient.